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(Guidelines revised in 2013)
The LincolnWay Community Foundation is here to help our community's charitable projects and programs contribute to the quality of life in western Clinton County. One of the ways that is done is through grantmaking. The LincolnWay Community Foundation currently has two granting cycles each year-grants are due in March and September of each year. The LincolnWay Community Foundation accepts grant applications from charitable projects and programs impacting a wide range of needs in the community- arts and culture, health, human services, community betterment, historic preservation, etc.

There will be two grant cycles, spring due March 1st and fall due September 1st. Only one application can be submitted in a single calendar year. The “Final Report” for all previous grants must be on file prior to submitting a new grant application.

Origin and Purpose
The LincolnWay Community Foundation is a community foundation founded in 1987. The LincolnWay Community Foundation annually distributes funds from its earnings to numerous area non-profit organizations to fulfill our mission, “Inspiring communities by connecting people with causes and resources for all generations. “The Community Foundation has a broad, flexible purpose providing support to a wide variety of non-profit organizations.

The Foundation makes grants only to non-profit organizations and/or qualified governmental agencies serving Western Clinton County. Grants are not awarded in the following areas: annual fund raising, organizational endowment funds, deficit financing, grants to individuals, or for salary purposes. Challenge/matching grants may be initiated by the Foundation.

The applications are due March 1st and September 1st. Applications being received after the deadline will not be considered. You will need to resubmit for the next deadline. Extraordinary amounts may be given if an exceptional need is seen by the Foundation. When a grant check is cashed, the organization is obligated to use it for the purpose given in the application. Grant recipients are required to file a written report describing the use of the funds after the project/program is completed or nine months after the grant has been received. Grant recipients should use the “Final Report” form available on the website. As a general rule, only one project per organization per year will be funded.

Submit the original grant application of your proposal on 8 1/2” x 11” paper printed on one side only. The application is on our website: Materials should not be bound, inserted in protective sleeves or prepared in other types of notebook form except with a paperclip. Invest your time in content rather than presentation.

Application Information
Please include the following information in your proposal and compile your Grant Application in the order set forth below. The narrative should not exceed 2 single-sided pages (not including the financial information). The LincolnWay Community Foundation is a public community foundation and recognizes the need for flexibility in problem solving. In evaluating applications the LincolnWay Community Foundation gives consideration to the following factors:

• Does the project have potential for significant impact with the residents and the identified problem within the community
• Are other community resources, organization or volunteer participation involved in the project
• Does the application indicate sound financial management with funding coming from additional sources?
• Does the project fit our mission statement
• Are the project goals and expected outcomes clear and measurable?
• Is this a onetime project or is there a plan for future funding of this project?
• An itemized list of all related expenses is included and is clearly explained.

Application Form and Final Report (Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF)


Established in 2008, the G.O.4.I.T mission is to create a lasting effect of the community by volunteering and granting money to local nonprofit organizations.
This program is a process for students in Clinton County to learn about the process of grant giving as well as learn about the role nonprofit organizations play in the community. Students also have the opportunity to meet local business leaders and participate in volunteer activities.

The G.O.4.I.T board members, who are made up of the six high schools in Clinton County, will meet once a month to identify community needs and address emerging issues. The students will also learn other leadership and communication skills throughout the monthly meetings.

The program increases student awareness of volunteer opportunities, increasing the chance for young people to play active rolls in their communities in the future. Teens develop leadership and networking skills and the ability to help others. A great sense of accomplishment is seen in the students as they are able to help their community. Students also learn about the grant giving process. Grant applications will be available for a one month time frame and returned to the students.

Students will then make site visits to the different nonprofit organizations. The board members will all be responsible for reading the grant application and scoring them and in turn choose who they would like to grant the money to.

G.O.4.I.T is a program started by the DeWitt Area Community Foundation and the River Bluff Foundation and is an affiliate of the Teens For Tomorrow program started by the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend.

G.O.4.I.T is also a part of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of the Iowa Council of Foundations’ Network.  For more information on other youth philanthropy programs in Iowa and in the Midwest visit

Application Form (Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF)

This impact fund is a managed endowment fund focused on improving the Grand Mound Community. This charitable fund is a permanent account whereby the earnings will be earmarked, dedicated and allocated each year. A committee will make an annual selection from the grand applications. The recipients of the grants will continue working on improvements for this community.

The proceeds of the endowment fund earnings are to be allocated annually to an identified need within the greater Grand Mound Community. All residents of the community and surrounding area are invited to send improvement ideas or needs to the cochairs or committee investors. A decision of the investors will be made for the annual betterment of the community

Application Form (Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF)

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